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Mac OS X drivers Update

It has been a while since the last time we contacted you,but now we do because we have great news for you. We just released vavdo adopt software version 4 for mac OS X 10.8 to 10.10 . It’s a major release because we have built a new stable driver to run the vavdo. We dealt with all the problems that the previous version might have, on the newer OS X versions. We also want you to know that we don’t have any news about the new production batch of new controllers. Until we do you can check out on eBay. We saw some vavdos on great condition!
vavdoAdopt page

Update day!

Finally the day of update has come, just before our new site goes on air.

We are releasing the new version 3 of VavdoAdopt that includes improvements on interconnectivity, interface, stabilization and so on.

In detail the release notes are:
- 64 bit enabled
- New serial port manager and parser (Faster and more stable, resolves some issues with monome, arduinos and other ftdi based controllers)
- Modern Memory handling (Automatic Reference Count Enabled)
- 10.7 or greater
-Refreshed graphics
-Various bug fixes

We expecting your feedback on new features or improvements for the next release
To download the new version go to vavdoAdopt page

New Price for Vavdo A2

We are happy to announce a major Vavdo A2 price drop!

We have decided to cut out distributors and retailers and sell the Vavdo A2 only through our webstore. This gives us the advantage of selling it much cheaper, at almost 35% off its previous price, which is normally a percentage that is “lost” between distributors and retailers.

For those who bought the Vavdo A2 at its initial price, don’t be mad, you will get a free registration for our upcoming software release. We will make it up to you.

SynthR for NI Reaktor

Synth R is a synthesizer made with NI Reaktor. It has two multi-waveform oscillators that produce interesting beats of timbre, amplitude, pitch & spatial position. The controls are mapped through OSC to Vavdo A’s knobs & buttons.

Pasted Graphic 1

Download SynthR from or from NI User Library

NI Reaktor, Processing & TraktorDJ

We uploaded some new examples, in NI Reaktor, Processing and TraktorDJ.

For the future we are working in many different fields. A new hardware controller, a new website, a wiki/forum , a new cross-platform version of Vavdo Adopt, more software examples & mapping templates, new software synths and tools for Vavdo A2 and DIY components to build your own controller.

processing-osc-controller traktor-dj-vavdo-midi-controller reaktor-vavdo-osc

Vavdo S 1.1 Update

The new version of Vavdo S synth is ready.
We made many changes in the backend of the synth, some in the sound synthesis core for preventing crashes or stalls, and some other general mechanisms for improving efficiency. As plus we included, a new window for selecting your audio card, outputs/inputs, buffer size, sampling rate, etc.

To download S app go to our synths page

Windows Drivers

Windows drivers for A2 controller, are finally ready!
This windows version of VavdoAdopt is sending and receiving Open Sound Control, using almost the same GUI with the Mac version.

Download VavdoAdopt for Windows


Getting to know each other!

It's been a few months since we started up the vavdo concept. All those months we received many messages from all over the world that strengthen us and kept us going. There are so many things that connects us with you, that we decided to give some interviews to get to know us better. The first one is in english and the other two are in greek, so the international audience will need a translator!

Here you go: