VAVDO :: software synthesizer interfaces

Vavdo S - Modular software synthesizer that inspires

  • Designed for Vavdo A controller. Plug & play
  • Easy Interface, without visual noises of skeuomorphism
  • Quality sound, powered by 64bit synthesis engine
  • Works with any OSC controller or with your mouse
  • Easily records your improvisations
Vavdo S is a software "modular" synthesizer designed for Vavdo A physical interface. The current version includes four different synth modules auto-mapped to Vavdo A1 or A2. If you like, you can setup your own OSC controller or use it from the GUI. The synths for now are: Subtractive bands (two parallel filters), Subtractive LFO (multi-modulated filter), Subtractive LFOcat (linked multi-modulated filters) and Tape Players (two audio loop players).
Vavdo S works with Mac OSX (10.6+)

Version 1.1 Release Notes

Release Notes

-- much faster startup time
-- added options for setup audio driver, input/outputs, buffer size, etc.
-- chanced subwindows of preferences, help & about
-- fixed file names for subversions
-- patching minor improvements
-- removed unused osc
-- removed unused window resizing/flags
-- removed bug with remote messaging
-- knobs for start/end/amp changed to amp/start/end, same as other modules
-- removed bug of start/end position of loop players, for prevending crashes
-- fixed bug of recording that not worked the first time you hit record button
Screenshot of 4 Synths:s-modular-synthesizer