VAVDO :: Drivers for OSC & MIDI communication

Vavdo Adopt

Vavdo Adopt is the software mate of Vavdo physical devices. Once the USB cable is connected, Alpha controller talks with your OSC or MIDI enabled applications. Through vavdoAdopt you can change all the fields shown in the screenshots.

Screenshot in Mac OSX:

Screenshot in Windows:

Download Vavdo Adopt 2.2 (for OSX 10.5-10.8)

Download Vavdo Adopt (for Windows, tested in 7 & 8)

vavdo Adopt 2 for windows


vavdo Adopt for windows - for A1 devices only

Pasted Graphic 3

vavdoAdopt is a standalone application for Windows, capable of sending OSC & MIDI data from Vavdo A1 controller.

vavdoAdopt for windows runs inside Max Runtime (freeware) or Max (5+). Download for Windows. In order to run vavdo Adopt you will need the ftdi drivers. Download the latest version from ftdi website.

discontinued: Vavdo Adopt v1

Vavdo Adopt v1

You can still use this version if you own a vavdo A1 controller but is recommended to download the new version. A2 controller is not supported.